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>Norbert Michels, founder and head of electronic solo band ABCsound. It occurs as a composer, sound tinkerers, Klangfetischist, Video Producer and Producer.


Excerpt from an interview

On the edge of the six Lake District, in beautiful Duisburg-South, resides the sound designer Norbert Michels. About the experience of newcomers he reported in our conversation. The questions were asked by our editor Wiard Saathoff.

Where currently infected the electronic music?

You stuck in a holding pattern. The possibility of electronic music is far from being exhausted. As a pure custom pop music, I can only say that (almost) everything sounds the same. Or according to my words "RETRO COPY SOUNDS".


One still has time to produce?

Luckily I need with my music "to make money" no. Absolutely casually and without the pressure of the music industry. This allows me to work freely and must not compromise. My music is offered gemafrei and free. In my songs surrealistic speeches to be installed. Even music videos make for me a fine art form. Everything at the right time!


Which models do you have?

At the moment I can think of quite a lot so. There are those who really impressed me, because I have learned a lot from them. Such as: Tangerine Dream which were significant for their pioneering work in the field of electronic music. Klaus Schulze, a pioneer of the Berlin School. There were many important representatives of electronic music such as: Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Michael Rother (Blazing heart), Wolfgang Riechmann (Mark Street), Keit Emmerson, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pink Floyd and many more.


What tools do you use?

I use general genre-typical instruments such as sequencers, vocoders, samplers, drum machines and various synthesizers. Mixed digitally and additionally analog. When scoring my videos I play often live.


How long did it take you to master your synthesizer?


I think the question should be: How long will my synthesizers have needed to control myself!


What are your plans for the coming years?


Way too much!! In the next few years I'll literature of Edgar Allen Poe, HP Lovecraft and August Strindberg add sound.


When are the best ideas?


The best ideas are not "invented" by me but are the rest (pause). The subconscious you have to give time, as just before falling asleep. Through meditation you can use the creative potential of the subconscious well for themselves. Ideas for new songs I get a walk, Caffe and even on the toilet.





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